I have a great family

I was on my way to class the other day when the worst thing happened. The air conditioning in a car I just bought stopped working on me. I have a particularly long commute to my university, so this was not a great day. By the time I made it to my class I was drenched in sweat and some of my papers were even wet. After class was over, I called the car dealership to tell them that my car’s air conditioner was already giving me grief, so they told me to bring it in right away. I was pretty anxious that this car wouldn’t be dependable with the events that happened. I headed to the dealership anyway. The mechanics were able to figure out what was causing the air conditioning problem, however they said that the repair was going to take some time since the part wasn’t in stock. It seemed like I had zero luck at all . I was so nauseated by the thought of having to ride to class and back without an air conditioner that I asked the mechanic if there was anything they could do to get a rental car for the duration of the repair. Lucky for me, the warranty package I had bought covered a rental car at no additional cost. This meant I was able to use a rental car that had a fully functioning cooling system for the next couple of days. At last, the part came in and my air conditioner was fixed. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again, because I like driving with A/C.

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