I just don’t want to get sick

My sister Angela asked me to house sit for her, and I was happy to agree! She has a nice house equipped has a big TV, inground pool and more than 2 study rooms. Staying at Angela’s felt like staying at a luxury hotel with free food and no other guests. The only thing that put a damper on my stay was that I was unable to figure out his Heating and A/C equipment. My sister shut off the heating and cooling equipment before I arrived, but she told me I could turn up the A/C or even use heating if I wanted to while she was gone. She did not care what I set the Heating and A/C too. Since it was Summer and hot, I was planning on enjoying some AC. I am tight for money, so I try not to run my air conditioner much. I was looking forward to blasting Angela’s air conditioner and relaxing, but this did not work out as planned. Angela had some automation plan built into her house. There was a control pad on the side of her wall. The pad controlled the lights, security system, Heating and A/C equipment and even sent out alerts to my sister’s iphone. I tried at first seeing if I could find how to adjust the AC. I could not figure out how to access the Heating and A/C equipment. I found security, lights, air quality and how to text my sister from the home. I did not want to admit to my sister that I could not figure out her equipment though. So I just went without A/C for the week. I appreciated swimming in the cold pool, but at night, I was literally dying of heat.

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