I know something is up

I have a list of things I definitely enjoy that I check off plus start up every week. I appreciate getting a ton of important action items done early on in the week plus feeling accomplished. This week is not really going so good though. The huge item on this list of things I enjoy is to go and install a radon mitigation system. I need to have an active soil depressurization plan put in first. The device collects the radon from beneath the lake cabin before it ever can enter our air quality. It is a highly cost effective plus really reliable way to get rid of radon. I am dealing with levels of radon in our basement. So the ASD plan seemed appreciate the best plan for my family to go with. In order to cross radon mitigation off the list, well, I need to get a radon reduction corporation willing to install it for me. I am having the worst time getting a radon corporation out here and into our home. Every corporation I have found online plus called only professionally tests for radon! Yes, that is right, the corporation will only check out the radon levels in our home. I don’t see how these supposed radon companies can stay in business. Did you recognize that you can buy a little radon testing kit online or in a hardware store? Why would I pay some huge radon corporation to do this for me? I am guessing they charge well over 10 bucks to do it too. I have yet to find a corporation in town that will also install the radon removal systems. I am willing to pay these people whatever it takes plus can be at lake cabin at anytime for them. So what on earth is the problem?

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