I know we need energy savings

When I went away to college I was so thrilled to get out of my hometown and see new locales in the country. I grew up in a small community in the upper midwest and didn’t see anything besides fields of crops and many small wooden buildings for my whole life. The winters would get brutal with tons of high winds and below zero hot and cold temperatures on a consistent basis. I spent multiple Winters curled up under my blanket either in front of the fireplace or the oil furnace vent. With this college scholarship I  acquired I was moving to the south to go to school and reside where it is constantly summer. For the first year I seriously thought about moving back to my old home though. It was so tepid compared to what I was used to dealing with that I kept finding myself doing the same thing as back home except this time in front of the cooling system instead of the oil furnace vent or fireplace like I used to. It was brutally tepid and humid all the time. I would sweat within a couple minutes of walking outside my apartment. It took some time, but now I am fine in the summer humidity and heat. In fact, it is way better living here than it was at home. I highly doubt I will ever live somewhere that is frigid prefer that ever again. I do not even really need to use the cooling system that much anymore and can get by with just a box fan or 2 running on most days. Of course, there is that rare opportunity when it gets over 100 degrees out that you need to rely on the cooling system, but that is to be expected. We’re not cold blooded lizards after all.

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