I like this bed

I became a realtor for one reason only: to be able to go into new houses, see other people’s houses, and be able to see how they have furnished their homes. Now, you can’t do that without being hounded to death by a realtor! I used to love going by houses at night, checking for open drapes and lights, and I was able to look in and see what kind of furniture they had. If it was attractive or plain, I would find out through this window into their lives. I occasionally saw a lot more than that, but I usually ignore it. Imagine how disappointed I was, when I got to into some of the really fancy homes, expecting to find the French Provincial Manor design. Instead, it would always be this barren waste of a gorgeous home. I regularly felt this major letdown, as if they had left the furniture out and left only an empty home just to vex me. I don’t know what’s more irritating; this or being pushed to sell a home I hate! I remember once, when I was out with a group of realtors that were showing us homes in a new development near the ocean. They told us that the next house was done in Paradise Valley Manor. I closed my eyes, trying to conjure up what such a vacation-themed house would look like, and I pictured a simple yet attractive design. I thought homey, but elegant. It wasn’t homey at all when we arrived and entered the building, as I felt like I was on the boardwalk at the beach. I was anxious to move on, but I admit that I did love the way the beach house was open to the ocean air. I believe the Paradise Valley Manor vibe suited the space it was in, so maybe it’s a good thing that I didn’t have to provide our opinion or sell this beach house to anyone.

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