I loved the HVAC unit

I used to have this nice portable HVAC machine that I absolutely loved. What I feel I loved about it the most was that it was a gift from my grandfather who passed away. We always had a really close relationship and when he passed away, I took it really hard. That portable HVAC machine always reminded me of him and I always used it all of the time. One day my husband was saying that we really needed to get a central heating and cooling system inside of our house. I said that I was just fine with my portable HVAC machine. He told me that I had to be realistic about things if we ever planned to have a family like we had been talking about. I thought that was hurtful, but I really did want to have a family so I decided to put my beloved portable HVAC machine inside the attic. Well, my husband got the nicest HVAC system installed complete with a smart thermostat and HVAC zone control. I thought it was really neat because we could be heating or cooling certain areas of the house without wasting energy on other parts. I did have to agree that it worked much better than the portable HVAC machine but I still loved that thing. So for years we went on with excellent heating and cooling. I recall this one summertime however when our heating and cooling system shut down. We couldn’t get an HVAC technician out to our place in days, and that’s when I remembered the portable HVAC machine in our attic. I grabbed that wonderful old machine and cranked up the cooling. It was really nice using my beloved portable HVAC machine again until we got our central heating and cooling system fixed.

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