I really prefer quality temperature control

It never occurred in my mind that there are people in our country have no need for air conditioning. That is, it never occured to me until I moved out west after university. I was offered a working position with a west coast based company, and before actually moving, I did some research on apartments in the area and I was able to sign a lease before I even packed my things! But then, when I arrived to my new home, I noticed a distinct lack of a thermostat anywhere. After some digging around, trying to understand the mistake, I called the rental office only to find out that air conditioning just isn’t much of a thing in the region because it rarely gets all that hot.It made sense to me, but life without a cooling system wasn’t something that I was expecting. While it was true that the weather was pretty peaceful there most of the time, there were still some of those nights when I yearned for the chance to turn on an air conditioning uni and get some cool air flowing at the touch of a thermostat… However, after so long, I had to adjust to living there, and when I was too hot or uncomfortable I would just open my windows or turn on my fans. I will readily admit that not running a Heating & Air Conditioning unit was absolutely good for my wallet, so that was something that I can’t really complain about in the change; if I ever relocate after this, I’m definitely going to have to get used to paying a higher power bill once more. I’m not sure which I would care for most at this point–the calm, no-extremes weather or having some actual control over the temperature in my home. I always thought air conditioning was the norm, though as I learned, in some places that just isn’t the case.

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