I will stay on schedule

There was this bar that started up right down the road from me. It was the best thing our neighborhood had going for it, the bar owners were so outgoing and friendly and often got involved in the community which did wonders for their popularity. All of us are in a ski resort section so Winter time time is when local companies thrive the most as there is regularly such an influx of people in the area. The bar was the perfect venue to come to after a day on the trails, when you’re sleepy and chilled to the bone, it was so great to option a spot by the fire, they had a huge gas lit stove that pumped heat and life back into our bodies, that gas stove was the best venue for an apres ski; Early in the season we were hit with a huge snow storm, it took a lot of us by surprise however we were all too cheerful to hit the trails earlier than expected, all however the bar. That was the month they had the HVAC device coming in to maintenance their HVAC system. A gas stove the size of theirs it is regularly important they have an HVAC team in to make sure all is in working order, a mishap there could hurt a lot of people. So, unfortunately, for our Apres Ski we had to go to this dive bar and use our imagination next to the heating vents, we imagined it was the gas stove with big flames licking up the sides and pretend to hear the cackling of the fire as the wood burned. It was a great day on the slopes though for sure!

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