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I have been teaching in pre-colleges for 20 plus years now! I care about our job. Teaching young children is truly an honor. But there are most entirely tough situations to deal with, but one time, there was a student that thought it would be a funny prank to change the college’s temperature control to 90 degrees. It got so tepid in the building that we had to evacuate the children outside. None of the faculty could figure out why it got so tepid all of a sudden. The AC temperature control is normally set to 76 degrees to keep the college at a cool temperature; Finally we evaluated the temperature control plus saw that the heat was on. When this student changed the setting, she did not realize that it would overload the HVAC method plus the whole AC device would conk out. That’s exactly what happened. So now, the whole college building was out of air conditioning. We had to hire an outside HVAC worker to come repair it. She told us that the temperature control needed to be upgraded, which made sense. It was an ancient building plus an ancient system. She said that our HVAC device was actually ancient plus would soon need to be upgraded as well, but that it would last us until the Summer time. It would be easier to do that repair when the children were out of college on Summer trip. After having to send the children home for the day, we finally restored the air conditioning in the building. The next day we were on the search for the culprit of this evil plot, who ended up getting suspended for a week.

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