I’m feeling very enthusiastic

HVAC professionals earn their salary.  Being a heating and cooling specialist takes years of specific education and training.  Not to mention all of the courses required to remain current in today’s ever evolving technology.  Then you factor in the time spent on call for emergency service calls. These HVAC guys will get up out of a warm bed to slog through the snow so a customer can be warm.  I thought about all this as I followed our HVAC technician around on his semi annual maintenance visit. He was actually enthusiastic to have me tag along and watch what all goes into HVAC maintenance.  I was impressed by all the different areas this heating and cooling pro inspected in the time he was here. He started outside by checking over the condenser and the evaporator coils. Next, he checked the refrigerant levels to be sure there was not a leak.  Before, shutting the condenser cabinet, he also cleaned and checked the electrical connections. The HVAC tech brought out a shop vac to clear out the drain line before going inside. He gave the inside unit a similar once over. The tech then used a temperature gun to correctly calibrate the thermostat.  Finally, he walked the entire house to check the airflow. These guys make sure you get your money’s worth while adding life to the heating and cooling components. Heating and cooling systems are crucial to our way of life and I salute all the HVAC pros out there.

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