I’m getting a big aggravated

Getting older is not for the weak, and how many times have we heard people say this joke? Well, when I was young, I just didn’t recognize how true that saying entirely is, now that I am clearly into middle age plus being plagued with troubles that I have never been forced to face before, I agree that getting older is entirely not for the weak of body or weak of spirit, then i now have arthritis in my knees, hips, plus back, let me tell you, nothing is fun when you have arthritis, and if I am uncomfortable in any way, I am annoyed, very easily. I used to dream of having the time to be active outdoors plus play golf or hike in the woods or go to outdoor festival. Now, though, I would rather just stay at my beach house in the a/c; reading a book in front of the cooling system vent on a warm southern Monday afternoon is better than doing anything outside without any. Some establishments actually try to operate without using the cooling system, then for example, the place where I used to get my nails done. I guess they are trying to cut costs by turning off the cooling system and keeping the front door open, but if there is no cooling system, there is no me! Want to go have a picnic by the river? No thanks, I prefer lunch in real, air conditioned restaurant with tablecloths. Want to take a long walk through the park? No thanks, let’s just go in the building at the beach plus play cards while we soak up the city’s a/c! Between the pain of arthritis plus the over-fifty warm flashes, I entirely just want to stay inside and do anything that involves the a/c.