I’m in need of tips

I get so many emails from people and companies I don’t know, that I am constantly puzzled as to how they accessed my email address. Apparently, if you happen to enter your e-address on one website, it is immediately distributed to at least five more sites. Usually, I ignore these messages. but last week I received an email from a company offering tips on how to beat the heat as you drive. It gave a few useful suggestions as to how to maximize the use of your car’s AC system.

      One recommendation is to be careful where you park. The AC in your car reduces the cabin temperature by about forty degrees, so if you park in a shaded area, your AC will blow out cooler air. Of course, the air gets even cooler as you drive. Set your thermostat to recirculate the air, the article suggests. This way, the AC will only need to chill the already cool air. If you are in the habit of pre-cooling your car before you drive, cut it out!. Your AC does a much better job while you are driving down the highway with the wind blowing along your path. Lastly, remember to change your car AC filters when necessary. When the filters are blocked, the air you need cannot flow as it should.I hear that demonstrations on how to clean your car AC filters, are even available online.

       I think these are great suggestions and I am going to try to put them in practice. They will help save gas, help the car AC do a better job, and so improve the quality of my ride.