I’m not the only one

Part of my job is traveling all over the world and visit some amazing sites.  Over the time, I’ve made it a point to snatch up paintings from each spot. Sometimes, these paintings may be quite costly and balloon in value.  Most often, the paintings just appealed to me for some time. I display the paintings in all parts of my home, and I’ve gathered much the impressive group.  Framed in wood and oil on canvas, the work is susceptible to defect from unstable air. Insufficiently dry air would entirely ruin and crack both the painting and the frame.  Excessive moisture might expand the wood to bulge and warp, but worse lead to mold or rot. Since I live in a region with actually very serious cold seasonal weather and very sticky summer season weather, mildew is a constant issue.  During the colder times, the oil furnace cranks at maximum capacity for about more than eight straight months. The inside conditions can become super dry, which leads to all kinds of indoor air quality concerns. The opposite is true while in the summer season, with such high steamy levels there’s often water drops running down the windows.  To protect the quality of the artwork, I’ve invested in whole-area dehumidifier and humidifier, that tasks in partnership with the HVAC components. These air quality items have significantly developed the comfort of the my beautiful home and saved me quite a bit of coin. I don’t need to rely so heavily on either the oil heater or cooling component, thus reducing energy demand and lowering weekly payments.  Plus, by minimizing the demand of the oil heater and cooling system, I plan for the devices to be hardier and succumb to fewer breakdowns.

air quality