I’m so interested

Every Saturday afternoon, my mother and I have a standing ‘date’ together. We usually do things like go to lunch or do some gardening. Once in a while, if the weather is cold outside, we will watch a few episodes of TV or a good movie. Every Saturday except today. Today, I have to work… Unfortunately, last week my heating system broke, and I had to stay home to wait for the HVAC repair company to come out and get everything up and running perfectly again. It was an all day ordeal, so I couldn’t even come in for a half a day. I did get a spot of work done at home, but it was difficult with all the noise. I don’t know what in the world they were doing down there with my HVAC system, but it was loud as could be. At one point, I got really worried and almost went down there to check on things. The only problem was that I didn’t actually know anything about heating and cooling systems and wouldn’t have known what I was looking at… The whole things turned out really well in the end. Much to my relief. The HVAC system was working like new, and all was right at home. I did, however, need to find time to make up the work that I didn’t get done. The time I had was Saturday… I won’t just be working the afternoon, either. It is looking like I’ll have to work the entire day to make up for that one day where I was distracted by the HVAC company in my house.

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