I’m thankful

I have been saving up for a long time to make my home energy efficient. I find it so frustrating to pay high electric bills all year just to use the heating and cooling system! It’s more than just upgrading the HVAC unit. I need to upgrade all the windows, the doors, and the insulation and siding. I know it is going to be a pretty big project, but I am prepared to put the money toward it. My house is also old. I like the charm it has, but at the same time I know it is leaking left and right whenever I’m running the HVAC system! It drives me absolutely bonkers thinking about it! All that money wasted! I started saving as soon as I bought this place. My peace of mind is worth the cash though. I’m very happy I can finally get started on these upgrades! First I’m going to have an HVAC company come in and redo the entire heating and cooling system. I’m upgrading it to a newer, more efficient model with brand new ductwork. I’m also going to be investing in spray foam insulation for the house and some brand new siding. I’m doing other things in the house as well for aesthetic value, but this is what I’m most excited about. When I turn on the brand new HVAC system for the summer, I’ll know that the cost to run it will be completely worth it!

HVAC maintenance