Intense HVAC for medical work

My housemates now all work at the same place, but the building is so massive that they never even see each other, even the two that are on the same shift! They are all working at the only automated medical testing lab in the country. The level of technology needed to make this possible is mind boggling to an English major like me, but basically it’s a lot of tracks and robots with testing tubes. Basic things like drug testing are done in massive batches with the tracks and robots. Different tests have a different color coding system on the tubes. It’s incredible that this entire system works to do so many test samples at once without risk of cross contamination. Due to their speed, this lab is one of the most sought after in the country. They’re able to due the important tests that can confirm a life or death illness within just a few days, rather than week or more from most labs. The other key to this facility is the heating and air conditioning system. Different tests and various samples need to be performed and kept at very different thermostat settings. If you travel from one lab to the next like one of my housemates, you can get really cold or really warm from the heating and cooling system needs. The company has its own privately owned HVAC company just to keep up with their unique needs. My housemate whose a manager says their heating and AC system is one of a kind, so only their guys know how to fix it.

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