It is just so hot

Yesterday evening, me and the family decided to order some take out food from this nice restaurant in town, but we didn’t want to eat in because the place was typically super packed. I took the kids and got ready to leave. When I went to turn on the a/c inside of the van, to our horror, the air conditioner was working poorly! I knew I would need to get refrigerant so I could fix it! It was not a fun ride to the restaurant, especially with the kids constantly complaining, even with the windows rolled down. I think it could have been worse, but it was really bad when the vehicle stopped every now and then, and there was no blowing air. When we were going to grab the food, the kids made sure to shout that they wanted to go in too! Of course I wouldn’t want to leave them out there in that overheated van even with all the windows rolled down. When we got inside, their air conditioner was like heaven! It felt so nice & cool inside. When we finally got our food, we stuck around for a little while longer, enjoying the wonderful HVAC system before we had to return to the hot van. It was a rough trip back home too. The following morning, I made sure to stop by an auto shop to get refrigerant. After putting it in, there was ice cold air coming from the vents & it was great! My kids needed to be convinced the a/c was working before we took another ride in the van!.

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