Job duties – HVAC maintenance

There are a few things you need to know before you go off working for a small business. First of all, you will have the option of working with like-minded humans if you pick the right business. Instead of getting stuck in a huge corporation with a business atmosphere, these little shops and companies tend to have more centralized and personable cultures. Secondly, you will be accountable for the work that you do, but it will feel good to be acknowledged. Working for a massive company, on the other hand, you often are one of many and no one even notices what you do every day. Lastly, you will wear a lot of hats since there are few employees running the show. In my current position, for instance, I just became the HVAC maintenance administrator on top of my usual duties. My day to day tasks have absolutely nothing to do with the indoor air temperature, HVAC system, or other building infrastructure; however, it became clear last week that we desperately need someone to keep an eye on the routine air filter changes and air duct cleanings for our central heating and cooling system. That’s when the ventilation task was passed along to me. Now I am the middle man between the HVAC system at work and the local ventilation repair shop down the street. I arrange all the routine heating and cooling maintenance and negotiate the contracts for the ventilation technicians. It’s a bit of a hassle to worry about the indoor air quality, but to be honest I don’t mind the extra work too much… because I also am the middle man between my coworkers and the thermostat.

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