Just give it a look

I keep our thermostat unit set at 71 degrees all summer season in  yet, there can be times when the home feels far warmer or much cooler than on other days. Then it seems to depend on just how humid it is outside. The more humid it is outside, the hotter it seems inside.  However, at first I thought it only feels hotter, however is not actually hotter. After that, I started going around the home with the temperature gun. A temperature gun is the tool that is legitimately accurate for telling temperatures in unique spots. I primarily use our temperature gun for making sure our reptiles have warm basking spots. Anyway, I go around our home with a temperature gun on one of the days the control unit read 71 degrees however it feels hotter.  The temperature gun said it was 74 degrees throughout the house. I do it again on a day when it feels colder than the stated 71 degrees in the home in addition to the temperature gun reading that it is 73 degrees. I do this several more times in addition to finding that our control unit is definitely a tad off. It is usually only off by about 2 degrees or so. It is not one of those control units that simply kicks on after reaching a couple of degrees above or below the target temperature. Also, the temperatures doesn’t legitimately fluctuate throughout most days. It is almost as though the control unit believes 73 or 74  degrees is legitimately 71 degrees. It might be the time to call an air conditioning system serviceman to come out to have a look. All of us might need a up-to-date control unit.