Just inside the doorway

All day today, we had sunshine and I say hooray for sunshine.  We haven’t had very much of it this year. All you can smell when  you are outside, is rotting vegetation. There are crops in the fields that are standing in one to two feet of water.  The cabbage smells bad enough when it begins to rot, but when it is standing in water, it doesn’t get any better. The mosquitoes are really bad this year, because of all of the small patches where the water is sitting stagnant because the ground is too saturated for it to seep in.  This makes for a terrible mess. The mosquitoes must not like all of the rain either, because they are finding their way in. They aren’t the only things finding their way inside, either. The stench of the outside is also making its way into my home. I don’t know what to do anymore.  My air purifier isn’t working hard enough or else it needs to be replaced. Normally, it is able to overcome any kind of smell or irritant that gets into my home; mosquitoes not included. It’s been a while since I have had a new one, and I am wondering if it is the reason my air quality seems to be diminishing.  I can’t find the warranty on the air purifier, and it is getting really bad. I planned on calling the HVAC company last week, but things went crazy and I just didn’t find the time to call. My husband was teasing and told me that the air quality can’t be too bad, or I would have remembered. I pushed him away and slammed the basement door shut on him and his laughter.

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