Keeping my home cool with a wi-fi thermostat:

My wife and I love to vacation. We are fortunate enough to have seasonal jobs which offer us plenty of free time throughout the year. We don’t have kids yet, and we want to give it a little more time for our careers to blossom a bit more. As a result, we get to travel a lot. We have been to some pretty exotic locations around the world, and we still have several more we would like to visit. However, we do have one issue. We live in a very hot and humid environment. As a result we have to ensure the air conditioner is always running. Unfortunately for us this is an issue we found out the hard way. Last year we left for the beaches of Panama, and while we were gone the AC broke down. So then, when we returned, we found that some panels of the ceiling began to grow mold. I know, how gross! Well either way, once we finished clearing up the mold, we called a HVAC repair service. Once they fixed the air conditioning unit, they made a huge upgrade to our thermostat. They made it so the thermostat can connect to our homes wi-fi and be controlled remotely by our phones. Furthermore, all this climate control can be done by an app anywhere around the world. The service technician did a real fine job for us, and we couldn’t be happier with our current setup. No matter where we are in the world, we can have peace of mind knowing our heating and cooling system is always under our careful watch.

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