Keeping things nice in the home

It is regularly best to be yourself; I tell people this all the time. There is nobody that is quite the same as you, so you should embrace that! What’s the fun in trying to be similar to other people? Not to mention, people can usually tell when you are being fake with them. When it comes to someone you want to date, you shouldn’t try so hard to impress people. Besides, if you stay together for a long while, they’re going to see the real you eventually anyway, so just be the real you from the get go! I’ve regularly been a bit of a cleaning nut and regularly want everything to be perfect. That’s just how I am. I would actually go crazy if I tried to be lax on the cleaning and everything. This is why I have invested in nice things to keep it especially disinfected in our household such as a high end UV media air cleaner. That media air cleaner works wonders on the air quality. I find myself vacuuming up to 3 times a day. I was regularly myself when I first met my wifey and she thought it was interesting that I enjoyed to disinfect so much! One time she purchased for me a single of those robot vacuum cleaners, and I never used it. Then she was a bit frustrated that I never wanted to use the present she got for me. So I had to explain that I just enjoyed to disinfect things myself. I didn’t want some robot doing the work for me. I find a type of calming therapy in the act of cleaning and she eventually came to understand that and loved me for the honesty. I could have been fake and said I enjoyed the gift, but I did not appreciate it… Later she remarked that a single of my greatest qualities that she enjoyed about me was the fact that I was incredibly honest. One day she surprised me with a current smart climate control unit. This gift I did appreciate, because I could control everything remotely and absolutely save currency on the energy bills!

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