Keeping up with the a/c

I was present to help my old friend when he was trying to move last weekend. Let’s be honest here for a second, shall we? Moving is never an easy process, nor is it welcome. However, I promised him I would be there for him no matter what, as I knew most of our friends can be flaky with this kind of stuff. I was the only one there to help him move, and a lot of his things weren’t packed yet, either. I had to help him pack at least half of his things, and the only easy thing was that he didn’t have too many things to move. Easy – but a little sad. It still took a great amount of time, and the thing that bothered me the most was the fact that he couldn’t crank the a/c up. I couldn’t believe it when I asked him to adjust the climate control settings on the temperature control, and he said that he was locked out of the thermostat controls. His former landlord didn’t want him to waste energy, so they put a lockbox over the thermostat. Can you believe that? Well sure, on any respected morning, I wouldn’t recommend blasting the A/C while you are opening and shutting the front door. I felt that both of us needed the A/C on this day of all days, but he said lowering the temperature on the temperature control was non-negotiable with his old landlord. What a jerk! Still, I stuck to my word with my promise and helped him through the move. Once both of us finally got all of his things into the moving truck, I was so thankful! I was also thankful that both of us didn’t have to make more than one trip. When both of us were driving to his new place, I had the air conditioner blasting in the truck. When both of us arrived to the new digs, I was glad to learn that the electricity was on at the place! With his A/C blasting, we moved as fast as we could to get everything brought in.

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