Learning about my A/C unit

I fell in love with my 1960’s ranch house the moment I pulled into the driveway with the real estate agent. It had such amazing curb appeal. The inside was even better. The hardwood floors and large bay window made the living and dining rooms so bright. The period built-ins added character that charmed the pants off of me. The kitchen counters and appliances needed updating, which is to be expected, but the cabinetry was in perfect condition, down to the door knobs and drawer pulls. The master bath had pink and blue tile work that I knew I would keep intact. I didn’t hesitate to make an offer, without contingency, on the spot. I figured if the inside was well cared for, the bones of the house were likely to be sound, too.  I found the house of my dreams and wasn’t going to lose it. My lender did require an inspection, though. That’s when I found out the furnace would have to be replaced. The HVAC inspector said that the heat exchanger was cracked and he was required by code to shut it down. The home is about fifty years old, so it wasn’t a big shock. I opted to replace the air conditioner at the same time because it was the same age. The heating and cooling company I hired recommended a system that runs in stages. This would keep my gas and electric costs down. When the air conditioning is running and the reaches a pre-set temperature, it will automatically shut off. Same with the heating: if the room drops below a certain temperature, the warm air will come through the vents without my having to do a thing. I love my house and I love my heating and cooling company, too.

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