Legal Japanese cars in the US

   A group of friends and I play poker on a biweekly basis! For as long as I can remember, we’ve gotten together at our house to play cards, drink beer, complain about our wives, and talk about cars! We all have always been major automobile enthusiasts, and we’ve always dreamed about importing upscale Japanese cars. Unfortunately, even though we all have always particularly wanted to have our own right-hand drive Japanese high-performance automobile here in the States, it’s tedious to get the proper legal job and documentation in order to import those kinds of vehicles.

                My poker buddies and I have talked about it for years, but we never took it seriously until my friend George told us last month at the card game that he had gotten in touch with a specialty importer down south! This importer specializes in bringing right-hand drive cars from Japan into the US using the twenty-5 year exemption rule. That just means that as long as the vehicle or automobile is at least twenty-5 years old, it can be imported without having to follow a bag of rules and regulations…

                It also means that there are much fewer fees and financial hoops to jump through. George has been talking to one of these JDM importers about buying one of these cars! I can’t imagine that he’s considering legally importing, registering, making street legal, and insuring one of these JDM vehicles. I never thought that any of us would take our enthusiasm for cars to the next level by dealing with an honest-to-goodness Japanese vehicle importer.

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