Losing heating power

My family and I love chinese food. We constantly go out to the local chinese places to eat at least once every weekend, we have been going to the same location for over ten years and all of us love it! But, sadly I can say last week was an absolutely horrible time, and the first bad experience all of us had in nearly five years at this location… When we arrived, we found that their HVAC system had gone out, and now you would think in the middle of the fall season this wouldn’t be a big deal with the heating and cooling system not really working… However, where we live in the south, in the fall it may as well be dead of summer! It was hotter than a gas furnace in the place when all of us walked in. We asked the manager what was going on, and we were told that the air conditioning was broken and they were trying to get it up and running again. I asked them if they called a certified heating and cooling specialist, they said they did not and that they had their own HVAC maintenance man there that works for them trying to service it. I thought that was good enough. We tried to have our meal, but it was just too darn warm like a big old gas gas furnace! We decided to just skip dinner and go for pizza instead. No air conditioning in any month out in this part of the world is not reasonable! Everyone really and truly needs their air conditioning systems running at all times!

HVAC unit