Love that a/c feature

I knew it was a mistake when I went on a date to go deep sea fishing. I’m really into this guy, but I don’t enjoy to get that much sun. I did use sunscreen, but I was so distracted I forgot to keep reapplying. The sunburn I have is really painful! My date was asking me about my climate control system. He said that it would be good if I had a powerful air conditioner at my beach house. But well, I wasn’t particularly confident with my air conditioner being able to give me any relief from the pain of this burn. So my date was kind enough to invite me over to his beach house. He said that he has a powerful climate control plan with rapid heating and cooling. I had to admit, the rapid cooling feature was actually pleasant. The cooling air pouring from the heating and A/C vent was particularly chilly plus had a powerful blast to it. It actually took some of the pain away from my sunburn. I just rested under the air vent plus kept treating myself with aloe vera lotion. I ended up staying at my guy’s beach house for a whole day before I finally went back home. I was thinking after experiencing that rapid cooling from my date’s climate control system, that I wanted to have the same thing. I decided to call up the heating and A/C supplier plus arranged to upgrade to a heating and A/C plan that had rapid heating and cooling technology. This involved installing current ductwork as well that was a good deal narrower than my old ductwork. The upgrade was a little bit expensive, but I enjoy my current energy efficient heating and A/C plan with the rapid heating and cooling technology!

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