Modeling our home

When I was a kid, I had this little playhome in my backyard that my dad built years earlier. It was the cutest little mini-home out there, and it looked just like a tiny version of my parent’s house. It has colorless siding, black shutters, and a wood door, just like the home that the family lived in. The only thing I wished was included in the playhome was a Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. There was no insulation, and two tiny windows, so the little home turned into a sauna when the temperatures were hotter in the Summer. I was defiant, and still wanted to go into the home to play, but it got so sizzling in there that I’d sweat too much and overheat. Winter season was the only time I could really enjoy it, but the warm season wasn’t so accommodating. I remember trying to talk my dad into somehow getting a window a/c in the playhome just to supply me some relief from the oppressive heat! He’d always say that there was no window a/c on Earth that’s small enough to fit into the house, which made me sad. I wish they’d thought about this heating problem back when he was designing the little building! If the people I was with and I had known then, maybe my dad would’ve at least added some more openings around the treehouse to let as much air flow through the house as possible. Oh well – he had his heart in the right place, and I still enjoyed it!

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