My crazy twin

Growing up with my twin brother was a different experience for me than it is for most twins. The majority of the time, twins are pretty alike in terms of interests and hobbies. However for us, that has not been the case. I have been a very motivated go getter during our childhood through adult years. I have a passion for helping people, and for being able to help myself as well. I consider myself a very high level handyman. However my brother is quite the opposite as me. Last week for example, I went over to have dinner with my brother at his house. The minute I walked into his house, I could pretty much feel the wave of heat coming from his house from the lack of air conditioning. I asked him why he didn’t have his A/C unit on for it being such a warm and humid summer day, why wouldn’t he have the A/C on full power. Apparently his A/C unit had broken and he hadn’t called the local HVAC company to fix it up. It had broke over eight weeks ago! Why wouldn’t he have called them when it first shut down? If it was me, I would have had fixed it myself instead of being super lazy and cheap like my “twin” brother. I called the HVAC company for him and they said they could squeeze him in next week. I hope that somewhere along the line, my crazy brother learns to take care of his heating and cooling needs, and himself!

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