My current heating and AC is good

The thought of attending the interview I scheduled for Thursday is bothering me and I’m thinking I should cancel it.  I desperately looked for teaching work for at least eight months. In the time since I landed a job online but it doesn’t pay very well.  Despite this, the job lets me travel whenever, work whenever, and schedule hours for whenever I want. I wonder if I even like the sound of teaching anymore.  But, since I have the interview, part of me feels like I should go, although the main reason I’m considering not doing it is the heat. The temperatures outside have sat in the mid 90s for the past few weeks.  My long shirt and long pants that I have to wear if I want to appear professional are more for weather around 50 degrees, not 90. I don’t want to have that on as I walk to my car. I suppose the AC in the car might help if I crank it for the whole ride over, but I definitely can’t put the outfit on until I get there and it’s anyone’s guess whether or not the school’s AC will be cold that day.  If I couldn’t manage that ordeal, the only other clothes I’d have for the interview would involve a short inappropriate skirt. Somehow I doubt the school would give me the job in that event. It just seems like less of a miserable ordeal if I instead stay at home and work in my bikini top. That way I could feel the comfort of cold AC the entire time.

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