My home is awesome

Last year I made the big decision to go back to graduate school for a higher degree, so before I could even apply to the school’s program I had to take an assessment test that would determine if I had the aptitude to get through grad school. I practiced taking tests and spent a lot of time polishing my skills. I knew that the test would be formidable, especially because it was timed. To get ready to go into the test, I made sure to wear cool clothes, and bring a light jacket in case the testing room happened to be on the cold side. When the day of the test came, I wore those clothes and went in to take my test. As soon as I stepped inside the exam area, the my heart dropped. I could feel their air conditioner hitting me in the face like a ton of bricks. I know it was summer outside, but the inside of this room felt like being in the arctic! I put on the light jacket I had brought with me, but it wasn’t able to keep me warm. Throughout the duration of the test I was so cold that it was breaking my concentration, and with the brief time I had to take the test, this was a major problem. When I got home, I wrote an email and complained to the school about their air conditioner situation in the exam office. They said they need to keep their air conditioner on high to keep everyone comfortable, which was funny to me as I didn’t see anyone there that day that looked comfortable. I ended up getting an adequate score to get into grad school, but I know I would have done a good deal better if the room had better air conditioning.

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