My New Older Home

Since I’ve recently entered into a contract to purchase an older home, I’ve suddenly become interested in heating and cooling options.  This old house I’ll be buying has never had any heating or cooling. It seems strange, I know but this house was built in the 1920’s. Houses certainly were not being built with HVAC back in those days.  In fact, my research shows that heating and cooling was primarily for the elite, and HVAC was extremely expensive for that time period. However, I’m up for the challenges of owning an older home. I’ve already chosen a contractor to upgrade the house, so the plumbing and wiring will be brand new.  Of course, the windows and the roof is also on the list. The walls are concrete, so they have aged very well, unlike other parts of the house. However, that’s ok since I love the period and the history of the home, along with the architecture. Since the house has never had air conditioning and it has concrete walls, there will certainly not be any A/C ductwork placed throughout.  In fact, my research shows that the best air conditioning for this older home will be a ductless mini-split HVAC system. After most of the upgrades are done and almost complete, the contractor will have the HVAC provider install the new ductless mini-split into my historic home. The HVAC technician will install the ductless mini-split HVAC system easily into the house. With just a few pieces of hardware, and a bit of electrical work, the ductless mini-split will send cooled, conditioned air throughout.

HVAC install