Need to check those cooling filters

My guy as well as I just moved into our very first apartment together back in the summer. I thought the two of us had been doing pretty well with things, however it turns out he as well as I still have a lot of things to learn. In addition to yard work as well as keeping up with every major appliance, the two of us make sure to change the air filter regularly on our central AC plan at the end of every month. We will only use HEPA air filters, as only this particular type of air filter can remove 99% of contaminants pollutants from the air the two of us breathe. Not only do the two of us our own filter care, we also clean as well as level out the condenser. Two of us also have a repair program with our quality heating as well as AC repair provider… Twice a year, they come out to make sure our gas furnace as well as air conditioning are actually working great. So far they’ve only been out to open as well as close our AC plan with us. Last week though was the first time they’ve been by to look at our gas furnace. Well, it’s a good thing the two of us made sure to have them inspect our oil gas furnace before turning it on; the two of us might have been in a lot of trouble if the two of us had. It turns out, our gas furnace needs a lot more care than the two of us thought. Not only do the two of us need to have all of its ductwork cleaned as well as cared for, the two of us also need to change out a gas furnace filter too! Fortunately our Heating as well as Air Conditioning company was kind of to explain all of what the two of us needed to do, so we’ll be in much better shape for his next visit in the Springtime.

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