New air conditioning technology

Lately, it has been raining almost non-stop.  Even with the a/c easily working in our home, it still feels incredibly humid within the confines of our house.  I got around to talking with a friend of mine, and he advised I invest in a new dehumidifier. I’m not entirely sure why I never thought to get a single one of those for my household. He told me he had a nice humidifier/dehumidifier combo which was installed by a local Heating & A/C company. I asked for the number to the same company so I could call them instantly.  When I called them, they were overly friendly on the phone! They arranged to have an appointment with me for the following afternoon. When the Heating & A/C professional showed up on time, I was eager to get going with this upgrade. They had a humidifier/dehumidifier unit as well as installed it to perform in unison with our Heating & A/C system. They showed us how to adjust the control equipment as well as advised us on the ideal humidity levels.  After everything was hooked up, it began working instantly. Both of us were still facing a lot of rain, however the air quality improved tremendously with the up-to-date dehumidifier going! I was so completely satisfied that I spoke to my friend who had advised this. I called him up to inform him how much I enjoyed my improved air quality. He told me he knew exactly what I meant as well as said it entirely was amazing how much the air quality can improve the happiness inside of your home. I had to agree strongly.  The people I was with and I got around to asking my friend if he knew of any other methods that I would love. That’s when he mentioned using a high quality air cleaner, and I was immediately interested.

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