New Relationship – Didn’t Consider Heating and Cooling

When I first met my girlfriend, it seemed like a match made in heaven. We loved the same movies, the same music, the same kinds of food…it was awesome! We dated for quite a while, meeting each others’ friends and families and getting to know each other. Soon, logically, it was time for us to talk about moving in together. It didn’t seem to make much sense to pay two rents when we spent most of our time together. Unfortunately, she tends to run cool, and I tend to run warm, which mean that heating and cooling needs were different for each of us to be comfortable. It was going to take a lot of HVAC compromise as well as some technical skill in terms of finding and working out an apartment or small house with HVAC versatile enough to suit both of us. In her apartment, a window unit air conditioner had been enough in the summer, since she’s comfortable with a slightly warmer place; but at my place, the zoned heating meant she froze in any room but the living room. What we ended up deciding on was a home with zoned heating and cooling and a handful of space heaters to help out in areas where it got too cool, and a small A/C unit for the bedroom to keep it more comfortable in the summertime. I’m glad we had a good heating and air company we could trust nearby who could analyze the home and help us plan so that we could both be comfortable.

HVAC zone control