Not my line of work

It’s only my first week working in construction and I already want to quit. Why didn’t my friends or family tell me it would be so hard! I am a college student and looking to make money during the summer, so I thought that when I saw a help wanted ad in the paper for construction workers that it was simply meant to be. When I went for my interview, they told me that I needed to be able to be okay with being a little warm. I said yes at the time, but I sure do regret saying that now! During work there is no air conditioning at any of the work sites. The only place where you would feel a little air conditioning relief was during the lunch breaks. Those were so dang short that it felt as if lunch only lasted five minutes. After that very first day, I was already wanting to hit the road and head back to my cool and air conditioned apartment, never to return again. I went and complained to my parents about it during dinner, but to my surprise they were mad at me for wanting to quit on me job only one day in! They said that with air conditioning or without it, it is not the right thing to do to just ditch your responsibility. I hated how much sense they were making, but I knew I had to stick with it. The best thing I could do was just ask my boss if he could give me a few more breaks, and just grind it out until the summer was over.

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