Rental house is equipped with ancient boiler and ugly radiators in each room –

When I traveled across the country to take a better job and increase in pay, I knew absolutely no one in my new location.  I had very little time to pack up my stuff, drive thousands of miles, and get settled. I ended up finding a house to rent on Craigslist and hoping for the best.   I am totally happy with the size and location of the house. The rent is reasonable, and there is off street parking and laundry facilities. I am renting an older home, however, and many of the appliances are downright ancient.  The oven is very difficult to adjust and I typically burn everything. The kitchen faucet drips, the freezer is always iced over, and the toilet constantly runs. My biggest problem is the outdated heating system. There is a boiler in the basement that looks to be at least fifty years old.  Despite its age, the boiler makes very little noise, never malfunction, and has no trouble handling the cold weather. However, the boiler is linked to very large and ugly radiators in each room. The radiators are temperamental and difficult to regulate. Although each radiator features its own controls, they seem to either pour out an overabundance of heat or nothing at all.  No matter how carefully I turn the knob, I am either sweating profusely or shivering. I also worry about my cat getting burned, because the radiators become super hot to the touch. While the heating system isn’t the best, the monthly energy bills are not overly expensive. I am hoping the landlord will eventually replace the radiators with something a bit more modern and effective.

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