Should have known better

Last Saturday, I had to buy a new HVAC unit for my house. I knew the time was coming, because the air conditioner wasn’t working well. Our HVAC unit was already over 10 years old, and past its warranty days. When I found out that the HVAC unit needed to be replaced, I was actually happy. I was looking forward to a new HVAC unit that would properly heat and cool my home. When I bought the 3-bedroom house a few months ago, I knew the HVAC unit needed to be updated. I was hoping the air conditioner would last throughout this summer, so I would have some time to save up for a new one.

            Unfortunately, that was not the case. I contacted our local HVAC provider last week, and they came out to perform a thorough investigation on my air conditioner. I found out that it was time to upgrade. The HVAC technician was very helpful and friendly. He contacted the owner of the company, and they helped us set up financing for the new unit. It’s been a week since the new HVAC unit was installed, and it’s been great. The air conditioner works very well, and the mornings are dreadfully cold.

          A few days ago, I had to wear a sweatshirt while making breakfast. The new air conditioner works so much better than our old one, and I can even keep the thermostat set a little bit higher. Even though I was hoping to wait until next year to change the HVAC unit, I’m very happy with the new system and its features.

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