Snack shop with no a/c

During lunch hour, everyone in my shop rushes down to the corner deli.  It has become the favorite haunt since the day it opened. It is not just close to the office where I work, but they offer tremendous food.  The atmosphere is relaxed, and you always feel like you belong there. It doesn’t matter if you are white collar, or blue collar, everyone is equal when they get to this deli.  A couple weeks ago, we were all getting ready to head to lunch. It was really warm inside and we thought we would just take our hour and relax in the air conditioning in the deli and eat our lunch slowly.  This deli was known for their amazing climate control. It never failed us. When we went in there was always perfect heating and air conditioning. It totally shocked us when we arrived at the deli and the air conditioning wasn’t working.  The owner was in a tizzy and wondering if his customers would even buy let alone stick around to eat. The deli was empty but for two or three people who worked outside. The manager was just about in tears and from what I could gather, she hadn’t called the HVAC company when she came in.  She knew there was a problem with the air conditioning, but she waited an extra half hour for the owner to arrive. We were quick to leave them to their business, while we headed back to work so we could eat in the AC of our office lunch room.

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