spending a lot on the HVAC fix up

When I went to visit my buddies down south this past summer, I had no idea whatsoever what I was getting into! I’ve been a northerner for my whole life, so the hottest Summer I’ve known was a warm day in June capped at the lower 70’s… To match that, it’s always a fairly low-humidity environment where I live plus work! So, I wasn’t exactly ready when I hopped off the plane plus was greeted with a hundred-degree day in the dead of summer. To make matters even worse, the humidity was incredibly high that particular day – it felt at least thirty degrees hotter than that! I was quick to walk through the concourse plus locate my buddies at the front of the airport, plus I prayed that their household had an excellent air conditioner device. Someone must’ve heard my prayers, because I walked into that household plus it felt something like a cozy day in the Fall back at my hometown! My friends told me that they spent a large amount of money on renovating the entire heating, ventilation plus A/C device from the ground up – literally, by installing radiant floors to deliver heat inside the winter. As for the cool, dry sensation in the air of their comfy household, they explained that was the result of their powerful central A/C device, which was complimented by a whole-house exhaust fan in the attic that could hastily draw all heat from the household within an hour. To ensure the house remained dry, they had a dehumidifier controlled by a humidistat, which worked to retain the perfect level of humidity. Not only did this allow them to keep the household cool plus dry, however it allowed the central A/C device to toil more efficiently. I’m honestly thankful for friends who see the value in long-term investments, as this trip would’ve been easily cut short if they lived in a overheated, humid household!