Still had cooling control

I live in the south near the shore & hurricanes are a concern for my neighbors and I for at least three month of the year.  I will admit, when I lived up north, I had a few close calls with nearby tornados & experienced subsequent bad dreams of them for years to follow–but, with these spiral storms, a particularly undefinable primal fear in you is awakened when a sizable 1 is being forecast.  So, much to my dismay, last July every one of us had not just any regular old common hurricane in our path, but a gigantic category five hurricane already cutting wind-speed records before it even neared the land. I have never felt so much sustained existential fear in my whole existence as I did those few days waiting on the trajectory updates every day only to find it tracking closer & closer to my town.  By the afternoon of expected landfall, I was bracing for the most terrible thing & had every anticipated supply on hand that I could muster up in the last hour grocery crowds; things prefer bottled water, batteries, ice, canned food, clean pillows & blankets and so on. The big old gnarly storm came ashore quite close to me & the strongest space of the storm ran through about 40 miles from our house–but even though we experienced a few flickers here & there, our electricity, & HVAC as a result, remained steadfastly on.  I was pleased and surprised when I was still staring at my favorite shows as the storm passed over. I right away gained that the majority of the state lost their power that evening, yet I was close to being scraped by the eye of the storm & by some miracle, I got to live in cozy air conditioner as I watched the linemen on tv.

ac set up