Taking a break from HVAC

Even though I work as an Heating & Air Conditioning set up guy during the day, I enjoy dabbling in the arts. When I was in high school, I painted in school. My classmates as well as I did a whole painting together. I also worked with clay, oils and pastels during my time in school. I liked painting a lot, as well as it was fun to make a painting of a cowboy, pirate, or gangster. After I finished Heating & Air Conditioning technology School, I moved out of town as well as forgot all about painting. It took a great deal of time as well as effort to learn our life skill. It took many years, before our dealer trusted me to install an Heating & Air Conditioning method with no other person there, however now that I am in charge, things have slowed down to many afternoons a week. My best friend as well as I went to a local art room to see the local arts. My bestie as well as I talked to the art dealer, as well as they told us to come around during the next painting class. I have done a lot of paintings and sold them before. My bestie works in the art department too, however she is going to just take the class with me. I’m going to take one class to start, because Summer is right around the corner. This is the busiest time for Heating & Air Conditioning contractors. I won’t have a lot of time to learn anything new for a big painting.