That pipe needs a cleaning

One of the first tricks I learned in living in my own apartment was how to dry my clothes quickly, without using a dryer. I grew up living in older apartment buildings that had coin-op washing only. The dryers were so old that I would put my clothes in and they would come out just as wet as before. So, to save money, I improvised. I found a tall spinning clothes line that fit inside my bathroom, and would hang all of my heavier items on it. The lightweight shirts and bottoms would go on clothes hangers by the windows, where the warmth of the sun would dry them just like a clothesline outside. In my bathroom, I would turn up the HVAC zone control into the high 70s for one hour, before going in and shutting it off. The hot air would rise up from the register and dry the clothes faster. After a few hours being dried off my by electric furnace, I could then distribute the heavier items around the house. Anything that was damp after eight hours in the sun, would go back to being hung up in the bathroom over the HVAC duct with temperature control in that one little room turned up again. Thanks to the bathroom being so small, it was easy to heat up the space enough to dry the clothes, without running up my utility bill. With this system, I was able to dry my clothes in the winter time without anything getting musty, and without spending a fortune on lousy dryer.

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