That was a horrible crime

For a number of years I had it bad, & by bad I mean really, excruciating. I was entirely homeless for a time, & that was when I was still living in my vehicle. Once my vehicle was impounded, things got a great deal worse & I drifted for a while. I went from town to town, meal to meal, just trying to keep myself alive long enough for things to turn themselves around. I was able to find a church program that landed me a job & got myself and others a nice little place to live. I have easily learned a lot about myself since then. Just yesterday my little box air conditioner machine in the front window broke down, & I got a little mad about it. I had to stop & laugh honestly, because several months ago I would have counted myself completely lucky to be able to sleep in an a/c machine box for the evening. The newer AC machines & gas furnaces comes in easily thick, sturdy boxes that can stand quite a few evenings worth of weather. Just a few months later & I have a roof over my head, I have a tv & a powder room, & I am actually complaining about an a/c machine on the fritz! Instead of complaining about it, I prayed my thanks that a broken AC machine was abruptly the worst problem in my blessed life. I took the whole thing apart & tried to get it working again myself, figuring that learning how to jury rig one of these a/c machines might be a smart thing to learn how to do.