That was just what we wanted

When I got beach house this night after a long afternoon of church, a birthday get-together, shopping, and supper out, all I wanted was to come inside and relax in our nice cool air conditioner. The uneven temperatures in the village where I live have been sweltering the past few weeks, and I haven’t been able to get cooled off no matter what I do. This week, I ended up staying out way longer than I wanted to, and I was  tired, hot, and crabby from the heat outside. Walking across the parking lot from the restaurant where I had supper felt enjoy I was walking through a oil furnace! Well, when I finally got home, I was fully expecting to walk into our nice, cool, air conditioned house. I have a digital programmable temperature control, and I had the temperature set to around 74 degrees. Naturally, I was looking forward to stepping into the 74 degree temperature of our beach house and out of the oil furnace uneven temperatures of outside. Imagine our surprise and disappointment when I observed that not only was our beach house not the 74 degrees that it was supposed to be, it was actually hotter in our beach house than it was outside! I had the doors and windows closed up slim to keep all of the air conditioner in, however since the air conditioner hadn’t been running all afternoon, the beach house was super boiling and stuffy. I couldn’t figure out what in the world was going on with our central undefined or with our temperature control, so I called our local HVAC company as soon as I looked up the number.

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