The a/c is totally wrecked

Some people seem to get all the luck, you know? My older brother, Stanley, seems to get so many things practically handed to him, while I  get stuck with the short end of the stick. As kids, my brother inherited a sporty little car to drive when he was only sixteen years old. Meanwhile, I had to help pay for the cost of my first  the car. I could only afford to buy an old clunker of a car and I had to work part-time all through high school. The same complaints are still true in adulthood. Stanley recently just bought his first house.  He got it at a steal. The property is equipped with a modern and efficient HVAC system. There are radiant radiant floors throughout every room. For cooling, there’s a high-powered air conditioning unit. He has zone control and a smart thermostat.  All of this was in place before he moved in. In my home,, I’ve inherited a really ancient heating and cooling system that requires constant care. I’ve face two repairs to the central air conditioner this past summer. If the air conditioner fails one more time, I’ll have devoted more money trying to save the cooling system than it is worth. My brother has teased me  that he should try to rub some of his “good luck” off on me. Maybe, when he visits again, he could spread some good fortune to my HVAC system. The last thing I need is more malfunctions and repairs to pay for. I need to entirely replace the furnace and air conditioner, but that’s an expensive project. I’m tempted to take out a loan, because I could save money in the long run.  Fewer repairs and greater energy efficiency would make a big difference.

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