The air conditioner hardly getting used

I don’t know of a lot of people who will actually say that they love the winter weather.  I have no problem admitting that. My friends and I love all of the activities that you can do in the snow and cold.  I have an aunt who heads south every year. She sets her thermostat low enough to keep the pipes from freezing and then she heads out for three months.  My friends and I just head to the local ski resort to enjoy the cold weather. Last year, we decided that since we spent so much time there, if they ever opened up for new hirees, we were going to try to get a job there.  This year, they did just that. We went up and put in our applications. We found out that when you weren’t working, you had a ski pass that you could use at any time. This was our dream; to have an endless ski pass. Once we were hired, we had to go through orientation.  I was fascinated when they showed us the huge snow making machines. I knew they made snow, but I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my dad about these machines. Dad had been a HVAC technician his entire life. He knew everything there was to know about air conditioning. I wonder if he knew they used the same concept when making snow, except on a much colder scale.  Icy cold water goes in through this house, and then it is forced out under pressure. The ice crystals come out in a powdery form that is lays like snow. It isn’t as good as the real thing, but thanks to the HVAC technology, it is better than no snow at all.