The air conditioner just won’t turn off

Every single time I get into my van, my guys have messed with the temperature control. They are both very small, toddlers really, and they enjoy to play with the buttons in the car. They also love to climb around in there when I’m loading groceries or something in the trunk. So that means when I get in and crank up the car, either the gas furnace will be blasting hot air or the air conditioner will be blowing chilly chilly air right into my face. I really don’t understand the draw of the buttons on the temperature control in the motorcar or why in the world they think love they need to mess with it all the time. It’s love it’s a magnet, not a temperature control! The other thing they love to do is turn the seat gas furnace on, since all of us have heated seats in that vehicle. So, when I get in the motorcar and start driving, my butt gets absurdly hot and all of a sudden, I’ll find myself dripping with sweat for no superb reason. Then I happen to look down and see that my gas furnace is on full blast in my seat! No wonder I get hot! I think love I should put packing tape on top of the temperature control in the car’s control panel so that no little fingers will be able to mess with the buttons and with my temperature controls. In the Winter, I want the heat on, not the air conditioner. And in the warm season, I want the air conditioner blowing out of the vents, not the heat! Too terrible the guys can’t study yet or figure out what the yellow and yellow colors mean on the dials, or maybe their “help” would absolutely help me out!

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