The bedroom dusty air conditions

I live in a hot, dry region. Most of the time there is no cool, fresh breeze to be had! Now, the air quality in this part of the region is particularly low, but the point is, without opening windows and airing out a house, you can end up with a whole lot of dust and dirt. This causes complications. Like in my case, there is so much stuff irritating my sinuses, especially in my bedroom! I constantly have a stuffy nose, running nose and totally need it all cleaned out to be able to sleep well. A friend these devices called media air cleaners. With a media air cleaner, you can filter out all the dust and pollen and other allergens in your breathing air. Of course, I will still be running my air conditioning due to the heat, but the media air cleaner sounds helpful. It seems to good to be true but I’m going to check it out. I got advice from a local heating and cooling business, and they said there may be other measures I need to take. The HVAC guys told me that I may have to have the house professionally cleaned for the media air cleaner to be effective. So, next week, I’ve got an appointment for that. Then, the next thing is to find a bargain on a media air cleaner that will work.

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