The freezer in the distribution center

I work at a large store distribution center. I finally managed to get a job here after applying while working for the store itself, and the pay increase has been amazing. I’ve been able to afford a much better home than I had before and I am starting to save up a big chunk of cash. I even get paid more than most workers at the warehouse, because I work in the freezer section. I heard that freezer workers get paid more because it’s a little more hazardous. I have to admit that I do struggle with drastic temperature changes, but we are fortunate enough that the entire facility is temperature-controlled. Since, I work in the freezer, I am still walking from freezing cold temperatures into far warmer temperatures back and forth all day long.The company provided me with a nice, thick, insulated jacket, however despite this, I often develop a bit of a sniffle or full-blown cold, especially in the winter time. I assume that I have to save my sick and emergency days for just these occasions, because I am not even allowed to come into work even if I wanted to when I am visibly sick. My job involves handling food, so I am not allowed to come into work and spread my germs. I suppose temperature control is ever more important than in a freezer where perishable goods are being stored, however the drastic temperature fluctuations can often take a toll on my health and wellness. I try to take vitamins that boost my immune system, because I want to do everything that I can to keep this job.